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The Illumination Process: Your Key to Breaking Free from Unwanted Patterns

Updated: Apr 5

Hello friends! It’s Bram here from Medicine Journeys, and I'm genuinely grateful for your presence as we delve into a transformative topic: the Illumination Process. This healing protocol is an integral part of the path to releasing imprints and patterns that have held us captive for far too long.

Unveiling the Illumination Process

The Illumination Process is a radiant beacon of hope for those who wish to shed unwanted patterns in their lives, those pesky, persistent loops that seem impossible to escape. Luckily we have a potent tool at our disposal, ready to assist in your transformation.

As you, our client, embark on this journey, it's essential to come prepared to an Illumination session. The first step is identifying a pattern in your life that you're genuinely ready and willing to release. One way to identify a pattern is like an old friend you've known for too long, you know it's time to part ways but you have not been able to break up yet. In addition to recognizing the pattern you must also recognize the emotions or feelings intertwined with this pattern. These emotions are the heartbeat of the pattern, and they hold the key to your liberation. In fact the feeling associated with the pattern is more important than how you articulate the pattern. The feeling holds the truth of the matter wherein words are simply a description and a weak one at that.

The Sacred Act of Blowing into the Kuya

Once you've pinpointed both the pattern and its emotional essence, we move on to the meat of the Illumination Process. Whether we meet in person or virtually via Zoom, the effectiveness of this work is not restricted by distance. Energy is not space nor time dependent. Here's how it unfolds:

You'll be asked to fully feel the pattern’s emotion. Then you blow that emotion or feeling into a Kuya—a sacred stone initiated through the Four Winds Society shamanic process. This stone becomes a vessel, taking on the energetic signature of the imprint/pattern such that it can be extracted and released. As you lay back and relax, I will intuitively determine which chakra serves as the gateway to accessing this imprint.

Now, here's the intriguing part—this chakra may not align with what you might expect. That is we do not diagnose with the mind. It’s not about intellectualizing the process; it's about feeling the energy. We do not make assumptions based on classic chakra associations like, “Oh, it is an emotional issue, so it must be a problem with the heart chakra.” No, the chakra is simply the access point to clean out the imprint, it is not the problem itself.

Cleansing and Illuminating the Chakra

With the chakra identified, we proceed to use that chakra to access the unwanted imprint, purging both the imprint and the energy intertwined with it. It's akin to a spiritual spring cleaning, making space for the transformation that's about to unfold. We meticulously remove the energetic push that previously fueled unconscious patterns. In addition an possibly most importantly we clear any affinity for the imprint and the energy associated with the imprint. This assures that the imprint will not return.

Then comes the pivotal moment—we illuminate the chakra with pure divine light, channeled from my own eighth chakra. This luminous infusion fills the void left by the removed imprint and energy. It's in this sacred act of illumination that the real magic happens. We don't just remove the pattern; we fill it with the radiant light of transformation.

The Transformational Journey

By dismantling the energy, imprint, and affinity for that imprint, we grant you, the client, the space and clarity to approach triggering moments with skill and consciousness. No longer tethered to unconscious patterns, you're free to navigate life's challenges with mindfulness and grace.

While mental patterns may still flicker in the background, the energetic push that once propelled them vanishes. You become the master of your own narrative, skillfully navigating life's currents.

The Next Steps in Your Journey

I hope this glimpse into the Illumination Process has been enlightening. If this work resonates with you, I encourage you to explore more videos on this website, each offering a unique facet of this transformative journey. Should you feel called, don't hesitate to set up a Zoom call with me for a 30-minute Healing Strategy Session by clicking here . I'd be honored to guide you on your path to healing and self-discovery.

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