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I want you to fire me as your shaman.....
Because you have healed and because you have become your own shaman.

Are you looking for the Deepest Healing experience possible with Ayahuasca?

Do you have long standing negative patterns that you have not been able to release through therapy, plant medicine, or spiritual practice? 


Would you like to release those negative patterns?

Do you want to learn about your energetic body through direct experience, Taught by Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca Alchemy
Ayahuasca and Andean Energy Medicine

- Bram  has been working with Ayahuasca for 14+ years, Facilitating Ayahuasca Ceremonies for 10+ years and has guided over 2,411 people like you through their healing journeys.

- He discovered after extensive work with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines, that he still had frustrating patterns. these patterns remained in spite of his plant medicine work, talk therapy and spiritual practice.


- The Four Winds Society's Andean Energy Medicine by Alberto Villoldo changed all of that.  Through working with Andean Energy Medicine, Bram was able to clear patterns that had dogged him for years. 

- Further, Bram found through direct experience that  Andean Energy Medicine and Ayahuasca, when combined in Ayahuasca ceremonies, amplify each other in extremely powerful ways.

- In addition, Bram found that one could use Energy Medicine sessions as a preparation and integration tool for work with Ayahuasca and other entheogens.

Click Here for a Detailed History oF Ayahuasca Alchemy

Ayahuasca Alchemy Testimonials

Andean Energy Medicine Testimonials (No Ayahuasca)

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