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Private & Semi-Private Offerings

Ayahuasca Alchemy Private Retreat

"It's All About You" Retreat

1-3 Retreat Participants

3 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

4 Illuminations

1 Soul Retrieval

Click for Details About Illuminations and Soul REtrievals

10 Hours of preparation and Integration coaching with Dr. John Shealy PHD


Michael Peterson at Alchemy Shift

$5,100-$9,600 per person

Andean Energy Medicine Sessions (No Ayahuasca)

Note: 95% of My Sessions are Distance Zoom Sessions

Illumination Sessions

45- 75 minutes

Each Session Includes the Following:

- Illumination Treatment

As necessary the following are included in the session

- Decoupling (Resetting the "Fight or Flight" response)

- Fluid Energy or Entity Extraction

- Crystalized Energy Extraction

- Cord Cutting

Single Illumination Session


(Can be Applied to an Upgraded Package)

Soul Retrieval Sessions

2 hours


Each Soul Retrieval Session Includes the Following:

- Illumination Treatment

- Soul Retrieval to bring back the clients lost soul part, the soul contract, a medicine gift and a power animal.

- Decoupling (Resetting the "Fight or Flight" response)

- Crystalized Energy Extraction

- Cord Cutting

The Initiation Package

7 Hours of Sessions

Illuminations, Extractions and Soul Retrieval

$1200 USD

Detailed Description

Detailed Description
of Andean Energy Medicine Sessions

What is an Energetic Imprint?

- Energetic Imprints are caused by trauma both in our current lives, past lives and generational curses.


- Imprints create unwanted patterns in our lives that keep returning in spite of therapy, plant medicine or spiritual practice.


- Imprints start to impact our thoughts, emotions, behaviors and eventually our physical health.


- Andean Energy Medicine Sessions clear out the Imprints, the energy supporting the imprints and the affinity for the energy associated with the imprints.

The Illumination Process

- The Illumination process is foundational to this work and is part of every session.

- Removes Energetic Imprints, energy associated with Energetic Imprints and any affinity associated with Imprints.

- Balances and clears the chakras affected by Energetic Imprints.

- Any crystalized energy, fluid energy, entity attachment, cord or feeding tube will be addressed/removed during the Illumination session. 

Cord Cutting and Energetic Extractions

- Energetic Cords are between two living people wherein they are connected and the cord transmits unhealthy or pathological energy/emotions between the two (cords are a two way street).  Love is not transmitted via cords and love remains when a cord is removed.

- Entity and fluid energy extractions are relatively rare.  One indication of a fluid energy/entity is a significant change in behavior for no apparent reason.  "Suddenly I don't feel like myself".

- Feeding tubes are energetic tubes sucking one's life force.

- Crystalized energies are old energies, possibly from past lifetimes.  They have been in your Luminous Energy Field so long that they have taken on a quasi-form such as an arrow, a knife, a spear, etc...

- All extractions and cord cutting are done on an as needed basis and are Included in the Illumination Session

Soul Retrieval

- Soul Retrievals are offered after Several Illumination Sessions.

- During a Soul Retrieval, Bram will journey to the lower world (collective unconscious) and retrieve your lost/fragmented soul part, the soul contract written under duress/stress, your power animal and a medicine gift.

- After the journey to the lower world, you and Bram will work together to discover how to work with, maintain and benefit from the return of your lost soul part. 

- You will also discover how to work with your new power animal and medicine gift.

- You and Bram will also discuss how to write a new and much improved soul contract and install it.

- The Soul Retrieval includes an Illumination and any extractions that might be necessary.

- The Soul Retrieval process takes at least 2 hours.

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